November 2022 Meeting

Meeting Minutes


6:05 PM start

             Good attendance. ~20 people in person. A handful online (Zoom).

Wyoming State Snowmobile Association (WSSA) Updates: 

Scholarship applications are open for WSSA.

WSSA dues have increased (website currently lists $20 for non-business members). We will need to consider raising SRSC membership dues to keep pace.

WSSA Fun Days is in Alpine WY this year, March 3rd-5th, 2023.


Cameron now has equipment to print T-shirts. We could print club shirts and sell them to raise some funds. Need to supply shirts & come up with a design.

Off trail riding is open! Please pay attention to the 12” snow depth rule to avoid resource damage (and a bad image for snowmobilers) as well as a ticket.

We’ve got a cooler for a giveaway. (big thanks to Jed @ Borderline Powersports for the continued support!). We’re going to use this to do a membership drive: join by January 1st 2023 to be eligible to win this cooler. It will be a drawing among all current/paid members. 

Current membership counts: 16 single memberships, 17 family memberships, and 7 business members that are paid/current. Please remind your fellow riding buddies to join or renew.  

New banners are going into the huts to explain who keeps them maintained, and provide a way for people to donate (Paypal/Venmo QR code system). Business member’s names should be added. Separate “No-Smoking” signs should be put in the shelters too. The “Be 307 Aware” program should have signs in each shelter as well. One had it last year but both should have it. Will reach out to the “Be 307 Aware” program person to see if they have signage we could put in them.

Side Note: The “Be 307 Aware” program is to use radio channel 3-07 if you’re in trouble. SAR Teams will monitor that if there’s an active search for you. SAR teams do not continually monitor this frequency. Please don’t use this for your regular comms. Consider this a backup plan for when your InReach battery is dead (you do carry a satellite communicator, right?) and as a way to communicate with SAR while they’re working to locate you. 

From the program’s Facebook page: “The 307 Channel on FRS and GRMS capable radios can help search and rescue teams get you home safely if you are lost or injured.

Program the radio to UHF 462.6125 Privacy Code 85.4 or Channel 3 and Privacy code 07 (307).”

Donation boxes for the safety shelters are ready. Need to install them. This is so people can slip cash into a secure location to help us cover expenses on hut upkeep.

Beacon signs need updated with current business memberships. Jed at Borderline wanted his sign on the East side of the range if it ever became available, and with TNT changing hands that’s an option now. Let’s make that happen.

State Trails Updates:

No trail maps printed by State Trails this year. Costs shot up for this. If you have old ones, keep them. Also note you can download a geo-referenced PDF map from the State Trails website, and upload that into various mapping apps on your phone, which will work without cell service as long you have location (GPS) on. This can show exactly where on the mountain you are located. Apps like CalTopo (my personal preference) & Avenza work for this.

State Trails meeting was 1st Friday in November. Talked a lot about parking at Green Rock. State Trails took it to USFS regional recreation supervisor in Denver: they’ve said it looks like there’s a need for a parking lot, but it has to come from our district supervisor (Laramie District). Laramie district has been less than enthusiastic about moving on this (for over 20 years). There’s a regional Great Divide Outdoor Collaborative (note Dave Wright, owner of Albany Lodge, is the motorized representative for our region) that our USFS District Supervisor has said needs to make a recommendation to put a parking lot in. WY-DOT is on board: they want parking off the highway. Note that the USFS re-permitted the existing gravel pit off Sand Lake Road (location of proposed new lot), so that spot will be enlarged as people pull gravel out during summer: this could be good to help establish it as winter parking. WY-Highway Patrol and Sheriff’s office are on board with a lot too.

The contract for Tic’s Parking was renewed, so that lot will continue to be plowed (paid for by State Trails).

State Trails could apply for a permit to put signage in for parking directions at Greenrock. Try to maximize what we’ve got (busy weekends are a mess, largely due to high traffic volume, partly due to poor parking choices).

There’s a lot of grant money available for Recreation. Land Managers haven’t done much with this so it’s being made available for groups like ours. Maybe a permanent safety shelter @ Quealy? 

State Trails is going to do electronic sticker sales for OSV registration (next year?). This will be significantly faster to get the data in the State’s hands about how many stickers were sold, where they’re coming from, etc. etc. It will also be possible to buy online (like Colorado), but still go inside retailers to do it.

Snowmobiling Survey results are in, there’s hundreds of millions of dollars generated. State Trails recently did this. Big Horns & Snowies flip flop year to year on which attracts the most money. There’s an OHV survey as well.

Treasurer Update: 

$8858.39 as of October 31st, 2022 in our checking account, $394.77 in Paypal from recent memberships & donations (transfer to checking in progress) for a total of $9253.16. 

Next Meeting Items:

Next Meeting is December 15th, 2022 at 6:00 PM at the 3C Guiding shop in Laramie, WY and on Zoom (use this link:

Current officers. When are elections? Should we pursue a 501.C(3) non-profit status? Need an FEIN for filing taxes (now that PayPal reports our transactions (membership dues) above $600 to IRS). Need officer info to re-register with Secretary of State (WY).

December 2020 Meeting

Forest Kramminga, Trails Program Manager with Wyoming State Trails providing an update.

December 17, 2020

Our December meeting was held via Zoom. This enabled members from outside of Laramie to easily join in the conversation. We would like to continue offering this option going forward.

Avalanche Beacon Signs

This season we will have 4 signs on the Snowy Range.  Two signs will go in at the main Y of Brooklyn Lake Rd and WY-130 and one above Albany Lodge. The fourth sign will go on 130 just after the Chain’s End parking area. State Trails has one to go to the Sierra Madres. If any members ever find a sign not working, email us or send a Facebook message and we’ll get on it.

State Trails Update

Forest’s State Trails update: Trails Program Manager. Season started slow this year, but got 30”two nights ago (trail crew reported) and trail grooming started right up. WY-130 is all dry, no snow on it, not groomed. Quealy safety shelter is going in on Monday December 21st, Nelson Park goes in soon after. Staking of trails is occurring as there’s enough snow to do so. All trail junction signs are up. Top of T-trail before the trees is pretty bare. South part of the forest(Mullen Fire): it was tough to get USFS to allow the State Trails in and replace permanent signs, but they’ve been at it for ~3 weeks via chained up trucks and snowmobiles, and to cut out roads/trails.

WSSA Updates

WSSA scholarship applications are coming up soon for those members that are attending post-secondary education. Otherwise no new update from WSSA. Reach out if you want details on WSSA scholarships, pretty easy money for education!

Fun Days in March in Cody, WY. Still trying to make Fun Days happen despite Covid-19. More details to follow.

ACSA (American Council of Snowmobile Assocations) calendars for $20. Can win up to $360,and then $500 goes back to the club that sold the winning calendar/raffle. Cameron will have some of these at the 3C Guiding shop for sale.

Next Meeting: January 21, Zoom info will be sent via email and posted on Facebook.

September Meeting Thursday Sept 12th

Hope this email finds everyone well and ready to start thinking about snowmobiling again.  Our first meeting of the year will be this Thursday September 12th.  We will be returning to Firehouse #3 in West Laramie.  The meeting will start at 6 and we have several things to get scheduled and discuss.  Below is a list of some items for discussion.  If you can not make the meeting and would like to add any comments please reply to this email and we will be sure to add those to the discussion on Thursday.

Fall highway cleanup
Nelson Hut wood
Quealey Hut wood
Nelson hut repair
Snow Show
Beacon Checkpoint signs
WSSA update
Parking update
State Trails Update
We will be trying to schedule most of the work items between now and the middle of October.  Most items should only take half a day.  The hut is in Laramie so repairs will be easier for that.  the Highway is looking real good so we can focus a little bit further off the road and both huts have a good amount of wood at them so everything we will be cutting will be making sure we are good and getting ahead. If you would like to help with any of these and can not make the meeting, again reply to this email of when you are available to help and that will aid in choosing dates.
Hope to see you there!

January Meeing

Quick reminder we’ll have our January meeting this week on Wednesday night (1/16) at 6:00pm.  Hope you can make it, but we realize many of you are located elsewhere or busy.

Location: Laramie Fire Station #2, 1558 N. 23rd Street, Laramie, WY.

Also a reminder for those of you seeking post secondary education (or kids headed that way), the Wyoming State Snowmobile Association scholarship applications are due by February 1st to Shannon over at WSSA. See the attachment for details.

December News

Hello everyone!

Hopefully you’ve gotten a chance to get up on the mountain and enjoy this strong start to the year! Keep the snow dances going!
The trails are in and the safety shelters went out on Wednesday night. We’ll be working to get the beacon check stations in this weekend: one at the Brooklyn Lake turnoff near the GreenRock trailhead [junction of U & O trail] and the other on the West side at the Chains End parking lot. We encourage you to make a quick stop and check that your beacon is transmitting correctly using these convenient check stations this season. Big thank you to Front Range Powersports, TNT Motorsports, and Frontier Cycles for the partnerships to provide these!
This month’s meeting will be next Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm, at Laramie Fire Station #2: 1558 N. 23rd Street, Laramie. We hope to see you there.
The parking situation on the southern end of the Range has been resolved, with a plowing contract filled for the Tic’s parking lot [off Wyoming Highway 230, between Foxpark & WyColo Lodge] for the ’18/’19 winter season. I’ve driven by twice and each time the lot was open and cleared, ready for easy trail access.
For those of you venturing north toward the Bighorn Mountains this season, Jeremy Bock at Z Bar Cabins & Motel in Buffalo, WY has graciously extended a 30% discount offer to all of our club members. You can check them out here or give them a call at: (307)-684-5535, just be sure to tell them you’re a Snowy Range Snowmobile Club member for the discount.

Snowy Range Snowmobile Club
PO Box 1930
Laramie, WY

Fall 2018

Hello everyone,

We hope that the summer served everyone well and I know that we are all ready for the snow to start piling up.  When this time of year rolls around its time to start making sure that the warming huts are ready to go and that the wood supplies at each location are adequately stocked.
This year we will do hut maintenance on the mountain. The huts are located up above Rob Roy Reservoir.  We need to try to get one more year out of the floors so we will be cleaning the hut top to bottom prepping the floor and painting them like we did 2 years ago.  First date of this will be Sunday September 16th.  We may be able to get them both completed but if not we will reserve the following Sunday also.  If the turn out for this is very good we can split into 2 groups and the second group can travel to the Nelson Hut area and cut firewood.  If you are available for either the 16th or the 23rd of September please let us know either by email or on FaceBook.
We will get to the Quealy hut area either the last weekend in September or the 2nd weekend in October and we can do that either Saturday or Sunday based on volunteers.
This year due to scheduling conflicts with where we have the meetings most of the meetings will be held on the 3rd Wednesday Evening of the Month.  Please see schedule below.
Thursday September 27th @ Fire House #2  1558 N. 23rd in Laramie
First meeting of the season we will elect new officers (we need a Secretary/ Treasurer but all offices are open for replacement if need be) we will also make sure that we get any unfinished hut activities scheduled.
Thursday October 18th @ Fire House # 3   2374 Jefferson St in Laramie
No Meeting in November
Starting in December thru April we will meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month @ Fire House #3
All meeting will start at 6:30 and we will try to wrap up in about an hour.
Any questions or to help out with this falls activities please respond to this email and if you or someone you know is interested in an officer position with the Club please let us know also.

Snowy Range Snowmobile Club
PO Box 1930
Laramie, WY

April Meeting

Thursday April 19th will be our final meeting for the season. Dinner will start at 6:00 pm at Fire Station #3 in West Laramie. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm.

We will have elections and look at dates for highway clean ups and summer activities.
We are looking for someone to take over the Secretary/Treasurer position. If you are interested or have questions, please let us know!

We hope to see you all there!

January and February Meeting

Our January meeting will be Thursday, January 18th at Laramie Fire Station #3, 2374 W Jefferson St. Dinner will start at 6:00pm, with the meeting starting at 6:30pm.

In light of recent events on the Snowy Range, we thought it would be a good idea to invite the Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue to come visit with us about how we can best help when an event occurs and to inform folks on how to get involved with SAR. This will be our normal club meeting but is open to anyone and everyone–the more we can educate everyone, the better prepared our community to deal with an emergency. Please join us on Feb. 15 at Laramie Fire Station #3 at 2374 W Jefferson St at 6:00 pm.

If you have any questions please let us know. Hope to see you all there!

October 2017 Meeting

It’s the time of year to start having monthly meetings again. Our first meeting will be held on Thursday, October 26th at 7:00pm. All upcoming meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursday of every month.

This year we will have a change of location. We will now be meeting at Laramie Fire Station #3 in West Laramie. The change of location allows us more options and the ability to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks to our meetings.

We hope to see you all there on Thursday, October 26th at 2374 W Jefferson Street at 7:00 pm.