• February 2023 Meeting Minutes
    Snowy Range Snowmobile Club 6:00 PM at 3C Guiding shop Membership Update:  72 total members as of 2/21/23. 28 single memberships, 26 families, 8 associate businesses, 10 premium businesses.  Beacon Check Stations: All beacon check signs are in. Let us know if you notice any of them not working or needing attention.  The Lake Marie beacon checkpoint needs raised up after these heavier storms. The snow level is rising up on it, will be buried if not addressed. Safety shelters: State Trails moved the Quealy safety shelter to try to level it out and raise it as the snowpack gets … Continue reading “February 2023 Meeting Minutes”
  • January 2023 Snowy Range Snowmobile Club Meeting Minutes
    January 19th, 2023. 6:00 PM MST. Location: 3C Guiding shop Minutes recorded by secretary: Mitch Helling Treasurer: Sunny Madden President: Cameron Chimenti Vice President: Justin Madden USFS Liason: Matt Burkhart Business Liason: Keith Tupper Social Media Director: Heather Tupper Attendance: 13 people in person, a few online. Thanks for coming out! Membership Update: 22 single members, 24 family members, 7 premium business members, 7 associate business members for a total of 59 as of January 19th, 2023.  Treasurer Update: $9207.60 in checking, $704.74 inbound from Paypal (paid membership dues), and outstanding check for WSSA dues of $1200. For a net … Continue reading “January 2023 Snowy Range Snowmobile Club Meeting Minutes”
  • December 2022 Meeting Minutes
    Both safety shelters are in. Quealy has a donation box mounted. Striker plate was loose (door was stripped). Keith got some bigger screws and got it secured. Members Kevin & Mitch stocked Quealy with firewood (12/15/22) with help of 3 riders from Cheyenne. The locked Job Box in there is low on fire starter and matches (for replenishing the ammo can). We need to get the beacon check signs out at Albany and Greenrock. The Chains End sign is up, as is the one at the base of Lake Marie. The business names on them are outdated: Cameron will work … Continue reading “December 2022 Meeting Minutes”