Upcoming Events:
*Fun Days hosted by Dubois Sno-Katters*
March 1st-3rd in Dubois, Wyoming
For more information or to register, click here.

*March Club Meeting*
Thursday, March 21st @ 6:00pm
3C Guiding shop – 2053 Snowy Range Rd

  • SRSC November 2023 Meeting Minutes
    November 2023 SRSC Meeting Minutes 16NOV23, 1800 hours. Secretary: Need to set up auto emails to remind people of monthly club meetings. Next one is December 21st. Emails a week out & day of will be coordinated. New safety shelter work has been going well. State Trails would like to bring the trailer up end of next week (Friday). Tipple Trailhead lot is a no go, needs to be right next to the bathrooms at the Lake Marie trailhead. They’re going to keep the bathrooms open this year. Cameron & Justin pulled the reefer off the front of the trailer. …
  • SRSC October 2023 Meeting Minutes
    October 2023 SRSC Meeting Minutes: October 19th 2023 at 3C Guiding New Safety Shelter: In early October Wyoming State Trails program asked us what it would take for us to get a safety shelter at Lake Marie. Our officers told them we needed assurance that if we bought a trailer to use that it would be cleared to be used. We didn’t want to have a big outlay of cash to then be told we can’t use a trailer or it would otherwise not work. They checked with WY-DOT and got everything cleared. The trailer will be parked on WY-DOT …
  • March 2023 SRSC Meeting Minutes
    Snowy Range Snowmobile Club March 2023 Meeting Minutes Started at: 6:05 PM  Adjourned at: 6:49 PM.  Attendance (in person/online): 13 in person. 6 online. Membership Update: 124 total. Still working through differentiating the types and tabulating everyone. I have all new members in our contacts but working on the list for WSSA. Spring BBQ: Lake Marie BBQ on April 1st, 2023. Meet at 9:00 AM at the 3C Guide shop. We can go for a morning ride, then meet at Lake Marie around noon for food. Come out, eat food (we’ll provide this) and ride sleds. Planning this will ensure …