December 2022 Meeting Minutes

Both safety shelters are in. Quealy has a donation box mounted. Striker plate was loose (door was stripped). Keith got some bigger screws and got it secured. Members Kevin & Mitch stocked Quealy with firewood (12/15/22) with help of 3 riders from Cheyenne. The locked Job Box in there is low on fire starter and matches (for replenishing the ammo can).

We need to get the beacon check signs out at Albany and Greenrock. The Chains End sign is up, as is the one at the base of Lake Marie. The business names on them are outdated: Cameron will work with the vinyl shop to create updated banners with the current partnerships named. 

Safety Shelter at Lake Marie would be great. Permanent one at Quealy would be great too, but maybe a third portable one would be more feasible. Upkeep could be an issue for a permanent structure. Justin will touch base with Forrest (at State Trails). One idea for a relatively cheap/simple portable safety shelter for Lake Marie location is a reefer trailer. State Trails is not confident that USFS would go for us putting a reefer trailer at Lake Marie. This should be discussed with WY-DOT as they’re another interested party (with respect to opening the highway in the spring). 

Note there’s no where in Centennial that sells trail stickers. Make sure to grab your permits in Laramie or Albany before heading up. 

State Trails has all the trails marked and has been grooming. It’s been thin, creating some challenges for trails (especially leaving Greenrock on U trail and going around Brown’s Peak on O Trail), but this recent storm cycle has helped with coverage. Note that State Trails put new GPS devices on their Snow Cats this year, and they’re having issues linking them to their website that shows grooming status. They’re working on it. 

Treasurer’s Update: $10985 in checking. Cameron (president) is correcting our account at the bank to make Sunny Madden the treasurer. Sunny hasn’t been elected but will serve in this role until we hold elections again. Big thanks to Sunny for doing this!

WSSA is looking for a secretary & treasurer (1 role), and a VP. The secretary/treasurer position is paid, $500/month. Sunny is hoping to transition out of that role by Fun Days 2024. 

WSSA Scholarships due Feb. 1st to Shannon Glandt at WSSA. Emails sent out previously (10/26/22). Reach out if you need it again or didn’t receive the information. This is for active club members or their dependents, for attending higher education. 

Fun Days first weekend in March, 3rd-5th. Top or the Rockies club is hosting in Alpine. Can register online on that club’s site ( There’s also a link off the WSSA site. Meet & greet Friday night, rides Saturday (along with XC skiing & an art thing). Rev it Up Girls are hosting a ladies ride Friday. Saturday night is the banquet. Sunday is the WSSA business meeting. 

Sunny updated the WSSA website so you can join most of the clubs in the state through the WSSA website. One current issue with this is if you join a bunch of clubs you’ll pay the WSSA fee each time. They’re working on fixing that so a person can pay the state-level fee once, and then pay only the club portion of the membership fee to join additional clubs. 

Charity reports: track charitable hours & donations. This gets sent to American Council of Snowmobilers so we know how much snowmobilers contribute to the community. Makes for great PR for the motorized/snowmobile community.

We’re thinking of doing a spring ride & bbq again this year. We’ll discuss specifics at future meetings. Usually held on a spring day, during a snowstorm(ha!). 

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